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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lightweight Chopper Mitt made of?

HIGH-QUALITY COWHIDE DESIGN – these lightweight chopper mitts feature a top grain cowhide leather construction and a premium eco-friendly sheepskin like sherpa lining to provide longevity and prevent damage from every day use. They are designed to keep your hands warm for years!

What makes SUSE's Kinder Chopper mittens so special?

Protect your fingers, palms, wrists and avoid accidents with the Suse's Kinder chopper mittens. These extremely dexterous snowboarding mittens feature a premium cowhide construction to provide durability and superior resistance to ripping and puncturing.

What are the best mittens for wood chopping?

These yellow mittens are not only suitable for wood chopping, they should be your indispensable companion during the winter and your cold-weather hikes whether you're competing in winter sports or simply enjoying yourself with friends and family during your next ice fishing trip!

What are heavy mittens?

These traditional heavy mittens provide superior warmth. These double-layered extra-thick mittens have a compact layer of heavy yarn and a thick liner of terry-knit for added insulation. These tr…

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