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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Christian McCaffrey have a girlfriend?

Christian McCaffrey’s girlfriend (actually ex-girlfriend) Marybeth Sant ​has moved on from having a big college star as a boyfriend. Christian has moved on from having a girl-next-door blonde as a girlfriend.

Who is Christian McCaffrey's girlfriend?

Christian McCaffrey’s girlfriend, Olivia Culpo was born on Female in 500000. She is currently Female years old and her birth sign is Female. Olivia Culpo is best known for being a 01/00/1900.

What college did Christian McCaffrey attend?

Early years. McCaffrey attended Valor Christian High School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. He played running back, wide receiver, cornerback, and punter.

Who is Christian McCaffrey dating?

Christian McCaffrey is currently dating former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, 28. Although it's not clear when, exactly, the pair initiated their romantic relationship, we do know that they started following each other via Instagram in April 2019.

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