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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Christian Mingle really work?

Yes, Christian Mingle Does Work Christian Mingle is consistently ranked among the top Christian dating web pages on the web – both by simply consumers and businesses. According to a survey conducted by just Survata, an independent research corporation, 84% of Christian Mingle members recommend the dating internet site over any other.

Does Christian Mingle cost money?

With a free membership on Christian Mingle, singles can try out the website first — and then decide that it’s worth paying for. Christian Mingle is totally free to join and view potential prospects, but having a conversation costs a little extra. Only those with paid plans can contact other members via private messages.

How much Christian Mingle cost?

Christian Mingle’s Standard Plan varies in price and duration. Here’s a full breakdown of the pricing options available to all members: $24.99/mo for six months. $34.99/mo for three months. $49.99/mo for one month. As you can see, you’ll get a lower monthly rate the longer you commit to stay with Christian Mingle.

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