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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do many churches have stained glass windows?

This helps people feel more comfortable. Finally, many churches view their stained glass as a part of their identity. People often remember a church by its stained glass windows, which gives it standing and notoriety in the community.

What is the stained glass windows called in churches?

What are stained glass windows in churches called? Rose windows are the large circular stained glass windows found in Gothic churches. They originated with the oculus, a small, round window in Ancient Roman architecture. What is making stained glass called? glazing. “Glazing” is the term for assembling a panel of stained glass that can then ...

Do Orthodox churches have stained glass windows?

In our time Stained glass windows, doors and icons can be produced for Churches and Chapels, Temples and Synagogues, Altars and Prayer Rooms. They can be often seen in most of the orthodox churches in western or eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia and USA.

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