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Frequently Asked Questions

What are names of churches?

Many words are becoming common in newer church names. Some of those words are Christ, Community, Fellowship, Assembly, Center, Chapel, Life, Faith, Bible, Grace, and New. Outsiders are often confused about church names. Several years ago, I did an informal survey of the preferred denomination among unchurched persons.

What can churches do?

Churches can help parents, grandparents and caretakers who have limited technological knowledge by equipping them with the resources they need to help set up Internet safety guards. Consider incorporating the following suggestions into a series of classes or a one-day seminar offered to parents and caregivers in your church or community.

What churches were founded by Paul?

Nearly all the places in which St. Paul established churches were centers of Jewish influence. St. Paul established his churches at places which were centers of the worlds commerce. Paul saw the synagogue as a natural platform to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to the Jews and the Greek God-fearers.

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