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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Churchill Senior Living?

To provide the best quality senior living environments, we work to exceed your expectations and strive to provide excellence in everything we do. We look forward to serving you always. Churchill Senior Living is an independent senior living community that offers affordable and market rate one and two bedroom apartments for individuals, age 62+.

Who is having fun Churchill residential?

Having Fun. Churchill Residential Inc. was founded in 2003 for purposes of developing and operating high quality housing communities by “Building Healthy Communities” for seniors at our Evergreen communities, “Building Strong Communities” for families in our Churchill communities.

Why Churchill Germantown?

At Churchill we are proud to have had the privilege to work and care for our residents longer than any other community in Germantown. Our residents enjoy an array of active social events as well as state of the art amenities. As a Churchill resident, you won’t have trouble filling your schedule.

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