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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cigna a good health insurance company?

Cigna is a reputable health insurance company that provides policies for 12 states. It is easy to get a quote online, and the website offers information on finding a doctor and what drugs it covers. It lacks short-term coverage plans, but otherwise is a service worth looking into.

How good is Cigna health insurance?

Cigna health care coverage is superb. They helped us keep on track of medical billing and covered everything they should have with minimal stress. This insurance organization does support its customers well with accurate policies, favorable guidelines and easy payments.

Does Cigna offer individual health insurance?

Cigna offers medical insurance plans for individuals, families, employees and businesses, according to the company's official website. Cigna also offers dental and pharmacy plans. The company is available in several areas throughout the world and offers insurance options to groups...

What is the informed choice outreach program offered by Cigna?

Cigna's national program features a support and outreach program called Informed Choice. The goal of the program is to educate members undergoing an MRI, CT or PET scan about their options for geographically convenient and cost-effective facilities as they and their doctors choose where to have the tests done.

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