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Frequently Asked Questions

What does citrated mean?

Definition of citrated in English: citrated. adjective. Medicine. Originally: †treated or impregnated with the juice of lemons or other citrus fruit; made slightly acid with lemon juice (obsolete). In later use: combined with citric acid; converted into a citrate (now rare).

What does citrate do?

Citrate is the first intermediate of the citric acid cycle and tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle. It also plays an important role in fatty acid synthesis which takes place in the cytoplasm. It acts as a carrier of acetyl-CoA, the construction material for fatty acids.

What is citrated platelet count?

Platelet Count on Citrate Tube. For patients who repeatedly have platelet clumps which preclude determination of an accurate platelet count, it is now possible to order a platelet count from a citrate tube. In many cases the EDTA in a lavender top tube causes the platelet clumping which does not occur in a blue top (citrate tube).

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