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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose claim MD?

Healthcare providers appreciate the prompt and accurate support they receive from Claim.MD. Beautiful reports give easy access to dive directly down to the claim level detail. No special software required. Create claims online with no additional software.

How do I Send my pm/EMR to claimmd?

If your PM allows you to choose a clearinghouse and interchange standard file formats, Claim.MD will work fine. You will have to know how to do these 2 things to interface any PM/EMR to Claim.MD: Create a claim file in your PM, locate it on your hard drive – then it’s simple to click Upload in Claim.MD to send the claims.

What makes claimsmd unique?

Claim.MD is unique in the clearinghouse industry in how we account for ALL of your claims and responses logically through time. We continually reconcile your account to make sure that you have received all of the confirmation or rejection responses that you should receive if everything is working in a timely fashion.

How do I contact claimmd support?

Claim.MD utilizes multiple support methods, including telephone support. However we do not follow a model that requires you to hold in a queue waiting to talk to a person. Our support is built in throughout the system, with a GetHelp button that immediately connects you to our support team.

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