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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of listings are available on Kentucky classified ads?

We feature real estate listings, jobs, pets, auto listings (both used and new) rental listings, personal ads, service ads, tickets, and items for sale. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, you will find it in our Kentucky classified ads.

Why sell your pet on petclassifieds?

Pet Classifieds brings the best features to buyers and sellers in one site. Whether you have one pet to sell or are a professional breeder, you want a way to get your pets out in the local community. Local pet sales are easier on both the owner and animal. It reduces the stress involved in traveling with animals.

Why advertise your pet on local pet classifications?

Using quality local pet classifieds is the simplest solution to finding the best home for your pet. The cost of advertising your pets locally and through nationwide venues can strain your budget. Newspapers and local publications can be the most costly of all choices.

Can you sell pets on Craigslist classifieds?

Craigslist pet classifieds and eBay pet classifieds are a risk because those sites don’t allow you to place ads to sell pets. Craigslist allows you to charge a small rehoming fee, but many times your ads will simply be flagged and removed. The rules of classifieds for eBay don’t allow you to post live animals of any kind.

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