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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is clearclear capital?

Clear Capital is pioneering the future of real estate valuation, analytics, and platform technology solutions.

What is it like to work at Clear capital?

Every work experience is unique. Let people know your thoughts on previous employers. Clear Capital is a good company to work for . Effective, clear concise , reasonable team. I worked for them while i was a broker at Parker Davis Real Estate as a valuation specialist for properties This place is a joke.

What is clear capital valuation management?

Clear Capital Valuation Management: Born from Technology, Raised by Humans. First, we listen to your needs. Then, we combine human expertise with analytical insights for valuations that help you make better decisions

What happened to clear capital real estate?

An extremely well developed and upcoming Real Estate Brokerage in Atlanta. Due to the unfortunate fallout of the Real Estate market in 2007, Clear Capital like many other companies, was forced to close its doors. However, to this day, the corporation remains poised to grow again.

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