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Frequently Asked Questions

What is clerk job description?

The job description of office clerks involves filling, record keeping, staffing service counters, and other administrative tasks. Clerks are called different names: clerical assistants and clerical workers are just two of them.

What is responsibility of clerk?

A clerk is an employee assigned multiple administrative duties within a bank or office, such as maintaining records and accounts, answering phones, filing reports and processing data. Some other responsibilities of clerks include mailing and faxing, message delivery, running errands and a number of other daily tasks.

What is meaning of clerk?

Clerk [clerk] as a boys' name has its root in Latin, and Clerk means "cleric, clerk". Clerk is a version of Clark (Latin).

What is the definition of clerk?

clerk noun [ C ] us ​ /klɜrk/. › a person who works in an office, dealing with records or performing general office duties. › A clerk is also a person who deals with customers in a store or hotel: The sales clerk helped me find a sweater in my size.

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