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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Clinger concealed carry holsters comfortable?

Clinger makes the most concealing holsters you can buy. We created the Clinger Cushion that attaches to all our kydex holsters. You’ll find that this cushion makes any concealed carry holster truly comfortable. If your holster is comfortable, you’re much more likely to carry it all day…everyday. That’s important to us. We love the Second Amendment.

Is the Clinger IWB hybrid tuckable NPW holster any good?

The Clinger IWB Hybrid tuckable NPW holster is well designed, nicely made in America, and is a very good combination of leather and durable kydex. I love the natural look of the leather tab and it works to adapt to your body. The leather is very supple and really helps the comfort of the holster when it conforms to your body.

What is the difference between Clinger NPW and SR holsters?

Clinger Holsters is associated with American Concealment Solutions and was founded in 2013. The NPW happens to be a hybrid kydex-leather IWB that is tuckable. The SR is a clip-on the belt holster with a small footprint with a sweat shield. Will they meet your needs and criteria? Do they meet my criteria?

What is an ultra custom holster?

The Ultra Custom takes a unique approach in that it can be custom-fitted to whichever gun you want to carry. We tested an IWB model and found it to be a great option. This holster is leather but features a section of thermoplastic within. Users heat the Ultra Custom according to instructions, then mold it to the gun they want to carry.

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