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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wrong with my cm2050v modem?

Day 2 the refurbished CM2050V modem stopped functioning and began flashing red on the power symbol. Xfinity said it was a Netgear issue which was confirmed by the Netgear tech who diagnosed it as a hardware problem. Long story short...STOP ADVERSTISING REFERBISHED PRODUCTS AS NEW!!!

How much is the Nighthawk Multi-Gig cable modem with voice cm2050v?

This item:NETGEAR Nighthawk Multi-Gig Cable Modem with Voice CM2050V - for Xfinity Internet & Voice Supports Cable Plans Up to 2.5Gbps 2 Phone Lines DOCSIS 3.1 $265.53 Only 18 left in stock - order soon.

What do you think about the Netgear cm2050v?

The Netgear CM2050V is a top of the line modem...However these refurb units are JUNK! Could not activate because MAC was already in use for supposed new device. Disappointing to say the least. Spent two hour on phone with xfinity with no results because Mac is already in use on an acct in Fl.

What is the transfer rate of the cm2050v Gigabit Ethernet port?

In practice, your Internet speeds will be less, as the transfer rate through the CM2050V Gigabit Ethernet port is limited to 2.5Gbps. The transfer rate may also be reduced by the volume of network traffic or your service plan.

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