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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Coahuiltecan's religion?

Little is known about the religion of the Coahuiltecan. They came together in large numbers on occasion for all-night dances called mitotes. During these occasions, they ate peyote to achieve a trance-like state for the dancing. The meager resources of their homeland resulted in intense competition and frequent, although small scale, warfare.

What food did the Coahuiltecan eat?

Transcript of The Coahuiltecans Tribe. They were mainly hunter-gatherers and feasted on small game such as rabbits, turkey, squirrels, deer, and fish. They also ate cacti (prickly pears), beans, nuts, spiders, sotol, lizards, snakes (Including rattle), agave, misquite, and occasionally undigested seeds from deer dung.

Are Coahuiltecan nomadic or sedentary?

The Coahuiltecan language group were poor semi-sedentary and nomadic hunter/gatherers who occupied most of Texas south and west of San Antonio and much of northeastern Mexico. They were a bellicose culture substantially involved in intra- and intertribal conflicts.

What kind of homes did the Coahuiltecans live in?

The nomadic Coahuiltecan Indians lived in round, dome-shaped houses that were constructed using poles and covered with matting, grass or cane. Low entrances opened into spacious interiors characterized by a central fire for light and deerskins for bedding.

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