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Frequently Asked Questions

How to redeem a code in mining simulator?

How-to Redeem a Code in Mining Simulator. Head into Mining Simulator and look to the left of your screen. You should see a bird icon (Twitter) that has the word Codes above it. Click on that and you will get the following screen: Copy one of the codes listed below and paste it into the "Code Here" field and hit the big green Enter button!

How do you get⚠️ codes?

⚠️ Codes can only be added to the game by Runway Rumble. Wiki staff cannot create new codes. Codes are specific words or phrases that can be redeemed for rewards. They are usually found on Isaac's Twitter, the Rumble Studios Discord, or in advertisements on the Roblox website. There are 166 known non-Twitch codes.

What are the codes for candy corn in mine mining simulator?

Mining Simulator candy corn codes: 1 Skelly 2 ThisIsHalloween 3 Skeletons 4 Halloween 5 ScarySkeltons 6 Spook 7 Spooky 8 Spoopy More ...

How many crate codes are there in the mining simulator?

Mining Simulator crate codes: 1 LegendaryHatCode 2 Halloween2019 3 FreeCrate 4 NewHats 5 AnniversaryCrate 6 Adventure 7 SuperCrate 8 Fright 9 HelpPls 10 Scary More items...

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