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Frequently Asked Questions

What do parents need to know about the Meg movie?

Parents need to know that The Meg is an action movie about a giant prehistoric shark and the team of heroes (led by Jason Statham) trying to stop it. Violence is definitely the biggest issue here: Many characters die, and there's some blood (wounds, blood swirling in the water).

Is the Meg a good movie to watch with an 11-year-old?

I watched The Meg with my almost 11 year old son and we both found it entertaining. It was not near as violent or scary as I had been concerned it would be and there were no sappy love scenes (thank goodness!). What I would say as a conservationist is that I hope the idea comes across th ... This review... This movie will not win any Oscars.

Is the Meg a violent movie?

The meg is not that violent and doesn’t have much swearing but some scenes aren’t suitable for young audiences. Considering it’s a 12 one scene shows a graphic depiction of whale being bitten in half by a shark and then a gets eaten with only bloody hands left. It isn’t that violent but ...

Is the Meg a bad shark movie?

It's not a bad movie, not a great one, but not bad. If your child (ren) can handle Jaws, they can handle The Meg. This review... Craved for a new shark movie.

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