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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose conconcrete solutions?

Concrete Solutions is here to help! We have the tools and technique to successfully raise virtually any uneven concrete service. We use state of the art tactics for concrete leveling such as polyurethane foam lifting, mudjacking, and void filling. We service both residential and commercial clients.

Why concrete solutions decorative concrete resurfacing?

The Concrete Solutions time tested products offer superior concrete repair, restoration and beautification results. Learn more about Concrete Solutions decorative concrete resurfacing products by downloading the technical data sheets (TDS) below:

What is concrete solutions by Rhino Linings?

Concrete Solutions by Rhino Linings is an industry leading product line developed for the restoration, protection, and beautification of concrete surfaces. From humble beginnings in 1986 claiming celebrity only in San Diego, California, to a now world-renowned product, Concrete Solutions continues to gain recognition.

How can I Fix my concrete slabs?

Concrete Solutions can fix your sidewalk, patio, basement floor, and much more. By injecting polyurethane foam underneath the concrete slabs, we can raise them easily and economically. Check out our photos to see how we put real “concrete solutions” into action!

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