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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Costco's operations management?

Costco Wholesale Corporation’s operations management (OM) addresses the 10 strategic decision areas in its business to maximize productivity. (Photo: Public Domain) Costco Wholesale Corporation maintains its position as the second biggest retailer in the world through successful operations management (OM).

What does it take to become a Costco supervisor?

People who are promoted to Supervisor are to go through a management training program. They learn what it means to be a Costco manager, various rules for serving in this capacity and other matters of importance. Costco has various departments and positions.

How does Costco maintain its human resources?

Also, human resources are maintained through continuous hiring and a number of training and development programs to support Costco’s business needs. Costco Wholesale Corporation’s measures for productivity are based on effectiveness and efficiency of retail service operations management.

What is Costco's “Good Jobs Strategy”?

Costco was one of four companies Ton focused on in her 2014 book “The Good Jobs Strategy,” which examined how companies invest in employees to improve operations and drive profits. In the book, Ton details four “operational choices” central to the strategy: offer less, standardize and empower, cross-train, and operate with slack.

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