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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a certification in CPR?

Passing a Certification Course Expect the course to take a few hours. In general, a basic CPR course takes around three hours to complete. Prepare to take a written exam, in some cases. Some certifications, such as the AHA’s BLS course, has a 25 question test that you must get a 84% or higher on to pass.

What are the different levels of CPR certification?

Four levels of CPR training - A, B, C and HCP - are designed to meet the needs of both the public and professional rescuers like lifeguards. Learn CPR skills and the signs, symptoms and care of choking, non-breathing and pulseless victims.

How do you become CPR certified?

There are no formal degree requirements to become a certified CPR instructor. However, one must already be certified in CPR and first aid training in order to register for certified CPR instructor courses. Local chapters of the AHA or the ARC offer CPR instructor certification courses through their offices.

How long is CPR training good for?

The Red Cross First Aid training programs provide certification to students who successfully complete their courses. First aid certification is good for three years and CPR certification is valid for one year.

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