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Frequently Asked Questions

What grit is a 4" x 24 belt?

Our 4" x 24" belts come in a wide range of grits starting at 36 grit and going all the way to 600 grit to compliment all sanding needs from stock removal to fine finishing. If you are a large scale production shop or a DIY'er, our portable belts will perform with finish and longevity in mind. What 4" x 24" belt should you order?

What is the best belt for sanding?

CERAMIC 4 X 24 belts are best suited for hard metal surfaces such as stainless steel and steel. Ceramic is typically about 40% more expensive than zirconia, however when sanding these surfaces you will get 2-3X more life than zirconia and 6-7X more life than aluminum oxide.

What are the dimensions of a belt?

+ View All Belt Width (in.) x Length (in.) 4 x 36 (49) 3 x 21 (48) 6 x 48 (39) 4 x 24 (34) 3 x 18 (31)

What is the size of the Bosch Makita grit belt?

Belt Width (in.) x Length (in.): 2 x 42 Belt Width (in.) x Length (in.): 3 x 18 Bosch DIABLO Makita Grit: 220 Shop Savings 404Results Sort by:Top Sellers Top SellersMost PopularPrice Low to HighPrice High to LowTop Rated Products Get It Fast In Stock at Store Today (24) Cumberland & nearby stores Free 2-Day Delivery (28) Next-Day Delivery (24)

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