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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a short-form crash report in Florida?

(b) In every crash for which a Florida Traffic Crash Report, Long Form is not required by this section, the law enforcement officer may complete a short-form crash report or provide a driver exchange-of-information form to be completed by each party involved in the crash. The short-form report must include: 1.

What information must be included in a crash report?

The names of the insurance companies for the respective parties involved in the crash. (c) Each party to the crash must provide the law enforcement officer with proof of insurance, which must be documented in the crash report.

Where do I submit my crash report?

(f) Long-form and short-form crash reports prepared by law enforcement must be submitted to the department and may be maintained by the law enforcement officer’s agency.

What is a Section(D) in a car accident report?

(d) The driver of a vehicle that was in any manner involved in a crash resulting in damage to any vehicle or other property in an amount of $500 or more which was not investigated by a law enforcement agency, shall, within 10 days after the crash, submit a written report of the crash to the department.

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