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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between tennis and bat tennis?

Differences Between Leather Bat and Tennis Ball Bat. 1. The blade of the tennis ball bat has a wider and longer blade compared to the leather bat, however, the overall length of the bat is the same. 2. With the blade length of the leather bat being slightly shorter, it has a longer handle length when compared to the tennis leather bat.

Does tennis ball harm English willow bats?

Unlike leather ball you need to have power in the swing for soft tennis matches. Soft tennis ball will definitely not affect the bat's stroke. However, using a tennis ball with an english willow is an overkill and may wear out the bat if you play for long (happened with me). Not sure about the softball ball though.

Can you catch the ball in tennis?

Yes, the rules of tennis state that you are able to catch and redo your ball toss during the tennis serve. There are no rules in place to restrict the amount of times you can redo the ball toss. If your racquet has not made contact with the ball, you are allowed to try again. That is the short answer.

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