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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't the Aston Martin db8 called db8?

Although it succeeded the DB7, Aston Martin did not name the car DB8 due to fears that the name would suggest that the car was equipped with a V8 engine (the DB9 has a V12 ). It was also reported that Aston Martin believed that naming the car "DB8" would indicate a gradual evolution and misrepresent the car.

What is a DB8 antenna?

The DB8 is the ideal antenna for rural or suburban installations challenged with receiving signals through heavy foliage outdoors or roofing materials in attic applications. The design of the DB8 allows for installation options off limits for much larger antennas of equal or lesser range.

How many channels do you get with your db8?

After hooking up the DB8 on the roof and aiming it in the general direction of the city, I got 35 channels. I eventually added a Motorola Signal Booster to the line in order to get the local ABC affiliate that is a little further away, bringing the total to 36 channels.

When did the Aston Martin DB9 come out?

The Aston Martin DB9 is a British grand tourer first shown by Aston Martin at the 2003 Frankfurt Auto Show. Available both in coupé and a convertible bodystyles, the latter being known as the Volante, the DB9 was the successor of the DB7.

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