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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open DCMA 360 on my computer?

Starting Feb. 1, Internet Explorer on a Defense Contract Management Agency computer will automatically open to the agency’s public website, From here, employees can click on “DCMA 360” on the upper right navigation bar to reach the 360 homepage.

What does DCMA do?

Excellence in the products we deliver. As a DoD Combat Support Agency, DCMA ensures the integrity of the contracting process, and provides a broad range of contract-procurement management services for America's Warfighters. Our job is to get the very best for the very best.

Who is the head of DCMA information technology?

Ray Coleman has served as the DCMA executive director of information technology and chief information officer since spring 2018. Lauri Chlebus is a contract administrator at Defense Contract Management Agency Aircraft Integrated Maintenance Operations St. Augustine in Florida.

Why is DCMA 360 being upgraded to SharePoint 2016?

Our current Collaboration Platform DCMA 360, built on SharePoint 2010, is out of vendor support and we have to upgrade to SharePoint 2016. The upgrade will provide you with the existing capabilities you have today and a few enhanced capabilities.

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