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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a defined daily dose (DDD)?

To address this, a technical unit of measurement, the Defined Daily Dose (DDD) was created. Defined Daily Dose (DDD): The assumed average maintenance dose per day for a drug used for its main indication in adults. DDDs are only assigned for medicines given an ATC codes.

What is a DDDDD?

DDDs provide a fixed unit of measurement independent of price, currencies, package size and strength enabling the researcher to assess trends in drug utilization and to perform comparisons between population groups. By applying DDD it is possible to: Document the relative therapy intensity with various groups of drugs

When do you use DDDs per 100 bed days?

This estimate is most useful for drugs used chronically and when there is good agreement between the average prescribed daily dose (PDD) and the DDD. DDD per 100 bed days: The DDDs per 100 bed days may be applied when drug use by inpatients is considered.

What does the indicator DDD per 1000 inhabitants per day mean?

The indicator DDD per 1000 inhabitants per day can suggest what portion of a population are regularly using a drug or class of drugs. The indicator DDD per 100 bed days estimates on average how many inpatients are given a drug every day in hospital.

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