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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ddddddd?

DDDDD is a game of dungeons in which, you will have to choose a character and then take him down into the depths of a scary dungeon, and find the evil demon that lives within it.

What does the Ohio Department of developmental disabilities do?

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) is committed to improving the lives of Ohioans with developmental disabilities and their families through the simplification and improvement of the Level One (L1) and Self-Empowered Life Funding (SELF) waivers.

How do I get better at DDDDD?

In DDDDD you will need to constantly learn and aim to better your skills in order to take on each enemy and make your way to the end of the maze. Make sure you take every opportunity to improve, as the boss at the end of the maze will take all of your knowledge and skill to beat.

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