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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain the delegation of authority log?

Update the log as needed following any change in site study personnel. Number each page and maintain this log in the Essential Documents Binder, behind the Delegation of Authority Log tab. (Synonyms for this binder include Investigator Binder, Regulatory Binder, Investigator Site File [ISF], and Study File.)

What is delegation of responsibilities log (DRL)?

Delegation of Responsibilities Log Purpose: To record all study staff members’ significant study-related duties. Audience/User: Principal Investigators (PIs), Study Coordinators, other site staff, clinical monitor Details:

Does your Pi have a delegation log?

So, although a delegation log is not required per federal regulations, Good Clinical Practice suggests documenting the PI’s delegation of tasks to other members of the research team. And a site must always follow the Sponsor’s and their SOPs.

Is a delegation log a federal requirement for CRFs?

However, a signature sheet to document signatures and initials of all persons authorized to make entries and/or correction on CRFs is listed ( 8.3.24 ). Although a delegation log may not be a federal requirement, it may be a Sponsor requirement.

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