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How do density independent factors affect population?

Density independent factors vary depending on the population, but always affect the population the same regardless of its size. There are many common density independent factors, such as temperature, natural disasters, and the level of oxygen in the atmosphere. These factors apply to all individuals in a population, regardless of the density ...

What would probably decrease population density?

Which will probably decrease population density? normal rainfall. Dec 21, 2021 Answer Expert Verified The factor given in the choices that will probably decrease population density would be C. forest fire. Normal rainfall is

What are 3 density independent factors?

What are three density independent factors? List three density-dependent factors and three density-independent factors that can limit the growth of a population. Density-dependent factors: competition, predation, parasitism, and disease. Density-independent factors: natural disasters, seasonal cycles, unusual weather, and human activity.

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