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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does UFC 269 DFS MMA start?

UFC 269 DFS MMA cash picks and strategy for Oliveira vs Poirier on December 11th starts here! This time we have a 14-fight card taking place in Las... Live at 2:30 PM EST today!!

Where can I find the MMA slate breakdowns?

We offer a weekly breakdown of the upcoming MMA slate on daily fantasy sport sites like DraftKings and FanDuel. We'll be providing complete fighter profiles, in-depth striking and take down slate rankings, Vegas totals and line movement, as well as projected ownership on DraftKings.

What time is the best time to post a DFS play?

(Premium) (posted by 9 PM EST on Fridays/updated in the hours before lock as news breaks), As your DFS competition becomes increasingly sophisticated, it’s not only important to know who the best plays are but also who the best players are that no one else talking about.

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