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Frequently Asked Questions

What dice do I need to play D&D Online?

Roll d20, d4, d6, d8, d10, and d12 dice or customize a dice roll to fit your needs (including modifiers). Wanna explode dramatically? Use the Fireball dice roller. Playing D&D online with tools like Roll20? Use our Token Stamp tool to create memorable icons of your characters and creatures.

What is the best online dice roller for Dungeons & Dragons?

The official option: Wizards of the Coast Wizards of the Coast is the official publisher of Dungeons & Dragons, so it makes sense that it has its own online dice roller for players to use when in need.

How do I use digital dice?

Have all the digital dice you need at the push of a button to meet any challenge your DM throws at you. Skill Checks, Initiative, Attack Rolls, Saving Throws, Damage Rolls…you can do it all. Click or tap on any rollable ability on your character sheet and watch the dice roll across your screen. Don’t let the numbers stop your game in its tracks.

Are online dice rollers worth it?

If you’re playing for the first time, or just not fussed about spending your hard-earned cash on a physical dice set, online dice rollers are a simple and free way to see what fate is in your favor.

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