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Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote the Division Bell?

The Division Bell. The second Pink Floyd album recorded without founding member Roger Waters, The Division Bell was written mostly by guitarist and singer David Gilmour and keyboardist Rick Wright; it features Wright's first lead vocal on a Pink Floyd album since The Dark Side of the Moon (1973).

What is the difference between the Division Bell and Pink Floyd?

The Division Bell is a quieter, more atmospheric and contemplative Pink Floyd, with lyrics so opaque and inert one cannot hope to plumb their meaning. Of course, no Pink Floyd album would be complete without a concept, and The Division Bell seems to be about that old standby failure to communicate.

What is a Division Bell in Parliament?

In some countries of the Commonwealth realm, a division bell is a bell rung in or around parliament to signal a division (a vote) to members of the relevant chamber so that they may participate.

Why was the division bell so successful?

More than just a representation of the purchasing power of baby boomers, the commercial success of The Division Bell was an early indicator that actively marketing and selling nostalgia would soon become the most profitable way forward for a struggling music business.

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