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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DMP, and why is it important?

The Data Management Plan(DMP) is a document that outlines the flow of data for a clinicalresearch project from data collection to data submission. If properly written, a DMP will ensure the integrity of the data collected making sure it is fit for purpose. The DMP is also an auditable document often asked for by regulatory inspectors.

What does DMP stand for?

Data Management Platform (DMP) What is a DMP? DMP stands for Data Management Platform. A DMP is a “data warehouse” used to house and manage cookie IDs and to generate audience segments, which are then used to target specific users with online ads.

What are the benefits of a DMP?

Benefits of DMP can include an increase in self-confidence, self-expression and the development of tools with which to express or manage overwhelming feelings or thoughts.

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