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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DNA testing and how does it work?

DNA testing, also known as DNA sequencing, is a process where the genetic matter is broken down into smaller pieces and run through an electrophoresis. The method helps to identify genetic mutations and find genetic matches between family members. The more the matches there are between two sets of DNA,...

Which DNA test is the most accurate?

A forensic DNA test is probably the most highly accurate. The process of a DNA test is quite simple. Samples are taken from both the crime scene and the suspect. The samples could be semen, vaginal fluid, hair, blood or skin tissue.

What are the procedures of DNA testing?

DNA Testing Procedures Extraction. ... Quantitation. ... Amplification. ... Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) After the PCR reaction is completed it results in a large mixture of amplified DNA molecules which need to be separated in order to distinguish the various ...

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