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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use Docker?

Docker is a basic tool, like git or java, that you should start incorporating into your daily development and ops practices. Use Docker as version control system for your entire app's operating system. Use Docker when you want to distribute/collaborate on your app's operating system with a team.

Does Docker expose make a new layer?

When working with Docker images and containers, one of the basic features is committing changes to a Docker image. When you commit to changes, you essentially create a new image with an additional layer that modifies the base image layer.

What is Docker image format?

A Docker Image is the template (application plus required binaries and libraries) needed to build a running Docker Container (the running instance of that image). As templates, images are what can be used to share a containerized applications.

What does Docker import command do?

Docker import is a Docker command to create a Docker image by importing the content from an archive or tarball which is created by exporting a container. We can specify URL or '-' to import data or content from the archive.

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