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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Docker need an installed operating system on it?

In development, Docker containers are simple to run, and only require a few commands. To get started you'll need to install the Docker engine on your host OS. For Windows and macOS, you can use Docker Desktop, but for Linux you'll need to install Docker community edition from your package manager.

Does Docker need hardware virtualization?

Does Docker use Hardware Virtualization? The short answer is: no. Docker needs a 64-bit Linux OS running a modern enough kernel to operate properly. Which means if that what you have happily running on your hardware without hw virtualization support, it will be plenty enough for Docker.

Can I run Windows OS in Docker?

Applications that run on docker are limited to applications that are natively supported by the host operating system. In other words, Docker for Windows can only host Windows applications inside Docker containers, and Docker on Linux supports only Linux apps.

What does Docker import command do?

Docker import is a Docker command to create a Docker image by importing the content from an archive or tarball which is created by exporting a container. We can specify URL or '-' to import data or content from the archive.

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