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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nginx 502 Bad Gateway error and how to fix?

Nginx depends on backend services like PHP-FPM, database services and cache servers to run web applications. So, if any of these services crash or freeze, Nginx won’t get any data from them, resulting in “502 Bad gateway” error.

Is it possible to deploy nginx with Docker?

This works though you lose the benefit of docker networking. If you have multiple containers that should communicate through the docker network, this approach can be a problem. If you just want to deploy nginx with docker and do not want to use any advanced docker network features, this approach is fine. Access the hosts remote IP Address

Why is Nginx unable to connect to Apache on Linux?

For instance, in Linux servers that run Plesk automation suite, Nginx runs on port 80, and Apache runs on port 7080. But firewalls by default block uncommon ports such as 7080, and it will result in Nginx unable to connect to Apache. Result? 502 Bad Gateway error.

What is the difference between 8080 Nginx and 7070 Nginx?

One is running at 8080 port and the other is running at 7070 port. 8080 nginx is for web servers and 7070 nginx is for proxy purposes. The log does not appear in 7070 nginx and the log appears in 8080 nginx. I don't know why the request goes to 8080 nginx.

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