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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a docket line entry mean?

Martin Kassman. A docket line entry consists of words that a clerk wrote into the court's docket, or register of actions, indicating something that happened on a particular day. For example, "07/18/17, Sentencing in Dept. 4, Court sentenced defendant to midterm of 2 years state prison" would be a simple docket line entry.

What are docket entries?

The list of docket entries is a running record of all information related to any action in a criminal case in the court of common pleas of the clerk’s county, such as dates of filings, of orders, and of court proceedings.

What does this mean in a docket entry?

A docket entry refers to an entry identifying the title of each pleading. The following is an example of a case law on docket entry: A docket entry is not a judgment or appealable order of the trial court.

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