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Frequently Asked Questions

What is automated trademark docketing?

Our automated trademark docketing software detects and updates your USPTO trademark filings and all statutory deadlines without any manual effort. Our IP management tools also calculate deadlines for international trademarks, USPTO patents, and TTAB proceedings.

Why Love Your trademark docketing software?

Love your trademark docketing software. "When I logged in for the first time, I was impressed to see that my dashboard was set up with my docket." "The fact that I can shoot over questions that I have on the chat has been invaluable to me. It means so much that the team responds so quickly.

Why should I use Alt legal?

Look to Alt Legal for advanced features and functionality that provide you with value beyond simply docketing your trademark, copyright, and patent matters.

What makes altalt legal different?

Alt Legal takes a different approach to automation, and that difference drives automation beyond simply populating and refreshing records. Our software automatically identifies, dockets, and updates USPTO trademark filings and deadlines.

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