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Frequently Asked Questions

What devices does the documentsui module support?

The DocumentsUI module ( is delivered as an APK file and is available for devices running Android 10 or higher.

Where is the documentsui APK file?

There is no documentsui.apk... Click to expand... Click to expand... You were wrong my friend. The apk file what you looking for is in the system/app folder if you looking for the DocumentsUI.apk i have a solution and there is no need to root your device. Click on it and install it again. If it was deleted unexpectedly, copy from some other device.

How do I disable the icon on the documentsui page?

By default, the icon is enabled. To disable it, add the following XML to /etc/sysconfig>. The DocumentsUI module implements the GET_CONTENT action that enables apps to request access to other data from the user.

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