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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download and install tableau?

page and select Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder from the list on the left side of the page. Click on the version you want to install. In the Download Files section of the page, click on the installer for your operating system to download it. Where's my product key? If you have Tableau Online, no product key is needed.

Is there a free version of tableau desktop?

It is free and probably you'll get it full version with authenticated key for 1 year . I havent tried. My colleague got one using this method. Should I hire remote software developers from It is so hard to hire strong engineers for my company in San Francisco. What can Tableau Desktop do that Tableau Public can't?

What is product key for installing tableau 10 3?

What is product key for installing Tableau 10.3? Product Key is the key which is used for Tableau Desktop installation on a new machine or Tableau Desktop re-installation on your current machine.

Can I run tableau on a 32-bit operating system?

Important: Starting with version 10.5, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader, and Tableau Public (desktop) only run on a 64-bit operating system. Tableau Prep Builder is only available for a 64-bit operating system. If you want to install Tableau Desktop on a 32-bit operating system, open the Product Downloads and Release Notes guide for that version.

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