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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drain tile?

Also known as the weeping tile, the drain tile is the main drainage system around your house that protects your basement from flooding. If anything were to ever go wrong with your drain tile system it could cause serious damage to your home. Some of the service we can help you with include.

Can You flush existing drain tile?

You can count on us to flush existing drain tile or replace old drain tile that has collapsed. The perimeter drainage system around your home is an important sewer / drain tile component that protects your home from water damage. When your perimeter drain tile breaks down, water builds up around the foundation.

Does your drain tile system need to be repaired?

Whether it’s from tree roots or a digging accident, your drain tile system may need to be repaired. The experienced eyes of our technicians can assess the damage and effectively replace the damaged section (s) so that your drain tile system is fully restored. As time passes, your drain tile system can be blocked by dirt or debris.

How do you fix a collapsed drain tile?

Your best option is to maintain the drain tile by power flushing perimeter drains on occasion. If the drain has collapsed you will need to have the sewer line repaired. We are experienced drain tile installers, completely up to date on the latest materials for extended life span.

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