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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install interior drain tile?

Here are the crucial steps used by contractors to set up drain tiles in your compound:Site assessment to identify the best location of the water outlet. ...Excavation of a trench where the drain will lie next to your foundation bottom of your structure. ...After shaping the trench, filter fabric, such as gravel or landscape clothing, is laid at the bottom and up the sides to sufficiently wrap around the drain tile. ...More items...

How to install drain tile?

Start diggingDig a really big hole. Dig a hole deep enough to accommodate your dry well and the overflow tube. ...Dig an adjoining trench. Dig the trench deep enough to drain downhill from the side of the dry well. ...Some Soils are Tough to Dig. The soil we dug up for our 70-ft. ...Buy Everything You Need for This Job at a Home Center. ...

How to install drain tiles in the back yard?

Install the dry wellPrepare the dry well. Knock out the drainage ports in the sides of the dry well. ...Put the dry well together. Assemble the dry well once the perforations are knocked out of the sides. ...Set the dry well in place. Lower the dry well into the hole after wrapping the sides with a special silt blocking landscape fabric.

How do I clean a clogged drain tile?

– Take off the drain cover. Pull the inspection cover off the drain.– Look inside. If the drain chamber is filled with water, then the blockage is somewhere after this chamber.– Use your drain rods.– Clean it out.– If your drain is still blocked.

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