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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to take driver's education in California?

And while those 17 1/2 and older aren't required to take a driver's education course, studies have shown that driver's education reduces crashes by more than 4% and convictions by nearly 40%. When looking for a California driving academy, has a lot to offer.

Why choose an online driving school in California?

Not only are the online course materials comprehensive, but instructors in our California driving schools are patient and professional, ready to give students of all ages the individual attention they need to become safe, confident drivers. Best of all, saves you money while teaching you to drive safely.

Where can I find the best drivers ed California schools? is one of the best drivers ed California schools. We offer a variety of class options, allowing you to choose to take only the course work you need or save money by bundling class options togetherLastly, a California driver school could earn you a discount off your auto insurance, putting money back into your own wallet. So, Why Us?

How many people have been served with California drivers license?

We've served more than 11 million drivers! Passing your permit exam is just the first step toward getting your California drivers license. The state's graduated driver's license program requires teens to pass certain milestones on their way to getting a full driver's license.

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