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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you renew your drivers license in Colorado?

Renew in Person. To renew your CO driver's license in person, you'll need to visit a CO DMV licensing office and: Submit your current driver's license AND Social Security number. Submit proof of legal presence is your license is expired. Show 2 documents to prove your CO residency if: Your license is expired over 1 year.

How do you replace lost drivers license in Colorado?

The state of Colorado makes replacing you lost or damaged driver's license fairly easy. To receive a driver's license replacement you must go in person to your local driver license office. Make sure to bring one form of identification and be prepared to pay the $21 replacement fee.

How do I renew my CNA license in Colorado?

To renew your CNA license, you must work a minimum of eight hours in a healthcare facility at any point within the previous 24 months. Complete the renewal process by submitting an application, documentation and the renewal fee before the deadline.

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