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Frequently Asked Questions

Can drones fly over roadways?

However, the FAA's exemption to Alphabet's Wing, and Walmart's drone delivery partners Flytrex and Zipline-whose drones range between 10 lbs to 40 lbs empty-allow them to fly over roadways, according to The Information.

What is a condor drone?

The Condor is a two-stroke gasoline-powered helicopter drone with a maximum payload of 180 kg, a range of 200 km, and a maximum take-off weight of 476 kg.

Why are Amazon drones so heavy?

One reason might be because Amazon's drones are pretty heavy, coming in at 80 lbs when empty, even though the packages it can carry have a weight limit of 5 lbs.

What's happening with Amazon's drone layoffs?

Amazon's rolling layoffs-the largest in the company's history-have also drastically whittled down the company's drone safety teams in Lockeford, College Station, and the test site in Pendleton, Oregon where the fire occurred, Insider reported, citing comments from former and current employees.

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