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Frequently Asked Questions

What is duedue diligence?

Due Diligence is a specific set of actions to inform yourself in the context of a specific and narrowly defined condition or activity, and avoid worsening any loss or further causing harm. It is one component of Due Care. This question and answer series has to do with your understanding of how each of these terms applies to the scope of behavior.

How do you demonstrate due diligence when it comes to information security?

However, in order to truly demonstrate due diligence when it comes to information security, businesses must focus a narrow lens on their own information security in addition to being mindful of global laws and regulations which may have an impact on their operations.

What are the skills required to be a CISSP candidate?

Being a CISSP candidate, you should fully understand CISSP concepts, methodologies and their implementations within the organization.

What is the opposite of due care and diligence?

The direct opposite of due care is negligence. Due diligence is simply a matter of understanding the ins and outs of your information security policies and procedures.

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