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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of él?

Él es la forma singular del pronombre personal masculino de tercera persona; se emplea para designar a la persona, el animal o la cosa de que se habla, por oposición a quien enuncia el mensaje y a su destinatario. Es una palabra tónica, por lo tanto se escribe con tilde diacrítica. Él me preguntó por ti ayer.

Who is El in the Bible?

See Article History. Alternative Title: Il. El, the general term for “deity” in Semitic languages as well as the name of the chief deity of the West Semites. In the ancient texts from Ras Shamra (ancient Ugarit) in Syria, El was described as the titular head of the pantheon, husband of Asherah, and father of all the other gods (except for Baal).

What is the meaning of El in Tanakh?

In the Tanakh, ' e lōhîm is the normal word for a god or the great God (or gods, given that the 'im' suffix makes a word plural in Hebrew). But the form 'El also appears, mostly in poetic passages and in the patriarchal narratives attributed to the Priestly source of the documentary hypothesis.

What does El look like in the Bible?

In the Ugaritic myths, El is depicted as a bearded old man, kindly and wise. In the legend of King Keret, El … He was usually portrayed as an old man with a long beard and, often, two wings. He was the equivalent of the Hurrian god Kumarbi and the Greek god Cronus.

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