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Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance does an electrical contractor need?

An electrical contractor must carry the appropriate liability insurance to cover any losses. If for example, the contractor does not complete a job, or if something should occur in during a job, the contractor will be held liable. There are two types of liability insurance that protect the consumer and contractor.

What is a licensed electrical contractor?

Electrical Contractor. “Electrical contractor” means a person affiliated with an electrical contracting firm or business who is licensed by the board as either a class A or class B master electrician and who is also registered with the state of Iowa as a contractor.

What is an electrician contractor?

Electrical contractor. An electrical contractor is different from an electrician; an electrician is an individual tradesman and an electrical contractor is a business person or company that employs electricians. Both usually hold licenses and insurances to properly and safely operate a business, protecting the employees and home owners/business...

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