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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mass of an electron approximately equal to?

The mass (weight) of an electron is approximately equal to 1/1836 that of a hydrogen atom, which has one electron and one proton, so an electron is 1/1836th the size of a proton. Electrons carry a small electronically negative charge.

Does an electron have a large or small mass?

Yes, electrons have mass. A single electron weighs about 9.109534 x 10 kg. The reason they don't 'fly away': quantum mechanics. There is a very simple experiment often done in college level intro physics labs that measure the e/m ratio of electrons.

Do all electrons have the same mass?

Yes, all protons are identical in mass and charge, and what's more the lower limit of their lifetime is 2.1x10 99 years. All electrons are identical in every way, and they have no known size. That means that you can't tell one proton from the next. The same goes for more or less all species of subatomic particles.

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